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Maybe you should take a break from exercise and stretching until your body normalizes. You can get aches and pains from exercise and feel stiff when you wake up. Then after you feel normal again i would recommend moving your body through your full range of motion. That means for example pulling your shoulders back and then lifting your arms to the side keeping your elbows back. And stand bending over so your chest touches your thighs with your legs bent and then straightening your quads so you feel a stretch in your hamstrings and a burn in your quadriceps. That means your strengthening your quads and shoulders in those positions, and gaining a greater range of motion. Perhaps your sciatic nerve is tight due to over exercise. If you're weak then you will feel a burn and that means you are working the muscle. A lack of strength/flexibility can create stiffness. Keep doing this throughout the day. What i think is causing the problem is some nerve in your body is stiff that is giving you the sensations you are experiencing. Before some chronic disease, It's usually always nerves not functioning as they should due to overuse/underuse of some range of motion, scar tissue, weakness, etc.. You improve it by getting enough rest and opening up your range of motion. This makes your muscles feel super relaxed and good, and improves your well-being. Hope you solve the problem. Best wishes

June 30, 2015 - 12:47am


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