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Hi Sandya,

I am also an ex-smoker (over a year now, with some pit stops in the middle). I also used Chantix and my best advice to you is to NOT PICK UP A CIGARETTE. My many pit stops included alcohol and smoking. I live in Ohio where there is a smoking ban but every time I go back home to Pennsylvania (no smoking ban), I tend to fall off the bandwagon for the weekend etc.


The absolute worst feeling is knowing that your body will go right back to smoker within one day. Reminding myself not to fall back into the habit is a constant effort. You are not alone. Every day that I do not smoke, the better I feel. I am not sure if you exercise but the euphoria from working out is WAY better then the toxic materials in a 5 minute cigarette. I have faith in you...keep up the good work on staying "sober" and away from nicotine.

Best of luck,


November 12, 2011 - 10:59am


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