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I just started Chantix for the 2nd time. 2 months was just not enough for me last time, so I will stay on longer-possibly 6 this time. I promised myself I would quit by age 35 and I am now 48. For that many years I have been so disgusted with it, making me a closet smoker, which is stressful in itself. I work in the Health-Care Industry and it is not acceptable anymore. My husband has to pay $650.00 more per year for health insurance because he smokes. We always tried to quit together and that does not work. We would get so angry at each other while quitting that it was unbearable. I think it is better if I quit myself and let him quit when he is ready. I hope he will support me because I never want to start up again. I have been smoking since I was a child and my father died of lung cancer. I may already have it=who knows. I used to think that it seemed like people quit and their cells kind of went crazy because their bodies were so used to the smoking, and they got cancer soon after quitting. That was always on my mind and no one can prove it false. But I don't care anymore, I am sick of being a prisoner of cigarettes, stinking, bad taste in my mouth, wrinkles starting around my mouth. I have tried atleast 10 times to quit. Maybe we can help each other through it. I might be able to answer some questions that I came across in previous attempts and give some insight. I think outside support is great because you get to where you don't want to talk about it at home because it makes you want one all the more, so you try to ignore it. I think privately having support it a great idea.

November 11, 2011 - 3:20pm


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