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Hello its really great decision to quite smoking .I smoked for over 4 years my age now 25 but my face looks that of 35-40 its due to smoking now its been 4 day since I have quite smoking .I feel discomfort high blood pressure head ache insomnia night mares pain in the chest so as lungs my eyes feels like they are stretching but its due to with drawl of nicotine . I keep myself hydrated all the time by drinking 20 glasses of water and 5 glasses of lemon juice daily with green tea .it will take almost 10 years for your body to heal completely as before smoking it was my advise to u is do not use medication simply drink & eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables it will help u recover ur loss taking low doss aspirin is also good one/day it will prevent blood clots but do not use over medications
Treatment I do is now :-
1.Drink 20 glass of water daily
2.5 glass of lemon juice daily
3.4cup of green tea daily after meal
4.do cycling for 1 hr daily which boosts my blood flow
Note: After u quit smoking never take sleeping pills for sleeping it is due to the nicotine with drawl u feel changing habits in sleeping doing it so may result in stroke !!
U can take muscle relaxants once/day for comfort as it have no adverse effects after u quit smoking
The above prescription is working good for me

June 6, 2017 - 8:38am


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