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I totally agree with rylons. you have to want to quit in your heart or it just wont happen. I quit cold turkey when i was 29 after starting when i was 12 by the time i was 14 i was smoking a pack a day. when i decided to quit i just did. it was that easy for me after 17 years. but i always sort of craved them. my husband did not quit though and two full years almost to the day, went by and i asked my hubby for a smoke and it was the best smoke i ever had so i decided i would just smoke sometimes. HA! now almost 6 years later i am still smoking a pack a day. But I like it. that is the problem. Today is my first day being a non smoker again. I will be 37 next friday. It is time. I heard if you smoke around the ones you love you increase their chances for lung cancer 30% that is alot. I smoke in the bathroom when the weather is bad, but my nonsmoking freinds say they can smell it and sometimes my kids will follow me to the bathroom so that is silly. anyway. Wish me luck. Here I go. I am 16 hours clean. When I quit before I made sure when i woke up my first day there are no cigs in the house. brush teeth like every hour or two to get the taste out, drink lost of water, and take a lot of showers. and the first day isnt that bad, day two and three i remember were worse, but after that it's not so bad. if you make it past that then to smoke seems like you put yourself through that for nothing so it actually helps you move forward as a non smoker. that is what i am a non-smoker!! :)j

April 14, 2009 - 6:15am


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