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I stopped smoking 3 months ago. Previously I quit 3 times for 6 months (was up to 2 packs a day) and 3 years ago I quit for 11 months (never over 3/4 pack a day- see tip below). This time it is for real. I am 56, started when I was 19. Father-in-law is dying- hospice comes in now. He can't get enough oxygen to remain fully awake anymore. I have a tip for stopping that helped me every time. Keep a small rectangle of paper inside the cellophane wrapper-new one each day. Write down the time every time just before you light one up. It will decrease your smoking in half right away. After a few weeks try to wait an hour between light ups. Try to extend the time or to decrease the number smoked by one a day. Doctor told me once you get to 6 or less a day- you are no longer hooked on the nicotine-it is habit only. I quit cold turkey when I got to 10. Feeling much better but not like I did when I quit before- hope my lungs can repair but can't be worse than not quitting. Good luck to anyone who quits.

March 22, 2009 - 8:20am


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