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Hey so I wanted to know a couple of things.
I've smoked cigarettes for alosmt three years, about 7-8 a day, maybe more. However I feel things in my body the way they shouldn't be. One day after a good cannabis session and a few cigarettes, my right hand felt really weak and I couldn't move it. At all. And there was no control in my fingers. And it wasn't really a bad trip.
Apart from that, my toes look a litte bent and I can barely sit cross legged anymore for more than a few minutes. And there are times when I can feel the pulse and blood flow in my legs. Is it possible that my veins and arteries are clogged or something?
What can I do someone tell me? I'm only 20 and there's a lot I wanna live for.

June 26, 2015 - 5:49am


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