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I gave up 4 months ago. I went cold turkey because it isnt quitting if you substitute it with something else. I had a real tough time giving up cannabis before I gave up the cigs. Everybody is different but that way it ended up pretty easy because I basically went through hell and back. It is a long story it started off with major pannick attacks. What I came on here for was to ask anyone thats off them a long time do you cough up black shit or do you just slowly heal as I do get mucas up but it is clear or white my lungs were or are clearly black as I was smoking almost 20 years heavily. Well done and fairplay everyone keep up the goodworkand so do what it takes to stop you are the only one who can help yourself. I thought a lot giving up stuff one thing I thought was I zoomed out of myself and thought I am a little person down there on earth craving something stupid that is disgusting and killing me and people it cannot go on and the craving went away think positive things every time you crave and eventually you only think not want. Im not out of the woods yet but almost goodluck

April 24, 2015 - 8:43pm


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