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I recently had a "heart situation".. Day before yesterday I got home from a long trip. Was in south texas from central mississippi... Long story short. I was unwinding and working out after the car was unpacked. I dont smoke in the car so naturally when i got home. I smoked about 4 in an hour and ahalf. When i finished working out and was stretching.. Breathing... Bout to go shower. My heart started racing... And felt.. Strange. Like fluttery and fast.

My chest felt tight like i couldnt breathe
My throat was closing.
I felt weak and tired.
Disoriented a bit
My eyes felt.. "Wierd"
I also had muscle spasms in my arms and legs. Close to knees and elbows
Tightness in shoulders..
Jaw clenching

It kept going for about 20 minutes after the workout. Im starting to possibly go in panic mode here... And im thinking.. What did i do most recently to cause this and what could it be?

I considered diet, drinks ive had recently, environmental factors, family medical history, personal medical history, habits and other "trigger mechanisms".. Stress, etc..

Had just finished driving 8 hrs home.. Back from a journey into a foreign land Where i ate pretty heahealthily but didnt get mich quality sleep.. a high stress environment.. I smoked alot on this 5 day adventure. 2 packs a day easily.

Traveled to see my wifes grandma who was in the heart hospital fo r quadruple bypa s s suergery. She also smoked for years.. And still does..

It was one hell of a crazy time. Gps wouldnt work. Driving in houston with rain poring.. Passing accidents.. The whole time i wanted a cig while driving too.. I had a little snuff but that stuff is gross gross.

I took vitamins/supplements During the trip. Drank plenty of water, it was bottled and the date was back in mid 2014... Sometimes had a wierd taste.

I ate bananas.. Like Always do.

That morning i ate sausege, eggs, biscuit and crazy.. And a cup of coffee.. Not too strong.
Later in the drive. Stopped at taco belp. I had 2 Chicken things.. And some soda, mt dew..
Later i had approx 3/4 cup of dry roasted peanuts. Still drinking the bottled water as well.

Im trying to cut down on cig usage Too. Amd really i just want to quit. They are bbadi dont say good things about them. they cost money, yirr health, they stink, the pollute, and besides. Its not allowed in more and more places...

April 21, 2015 - 9:08pm


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