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My DH has been smoking for longer than I've known him. He knows I'm super sensitive to the smoke, so he's required to go outside. I've asked him to breathe out for a couple of minutes before he comes back in because I'm so sensitive that I can smell it even all the way upstairs. As a distance runner, I'm not terribly thrilled about living with a smoker.

He was with his mother when she passed away from lung cancer. His brother and sister-in-law quit smoking when his mother was diagnosed, but not my DH. His best friend later died from lung cancer, but even that didn't phase him.

I applaud you for making the decision to quit smoking. My mother-in-law had quit cold turkey, but it was already too late for her. My brother-in-law, a pharmacist, has tried to help my DH quit, recommending various methods. But, I think one has to have the will to quit, and some have a stronger will than others.

I don't know what it will take to help my DH take that step toward better health. His overall health is the pits, although he's not overweight. He claims to have been cutting back, but I am often awakened at night by the incessant in and out through the front door, sometimes less than every 15 minutes.

He won't read anything, ignores articles I give him, won't even take the supplements my BIL and I get for him. He simply doesn't have the will or the desire to quit.

How do you get through to someone like that?

February 16, 2009 - 5:54pm


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