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Hi Miscortes,
For me,personally, I quit cold turkey. I had had a night of drinking and smoking and felt horrific! Also, I had done a lot of reading on how smoking affects your looks and I am super vain! I didn't want to get those lines around the lips and naturally, I was horrified at the idea of having a tube in my throat and a voice box! I also read that smokers go grey about five years earlier on average and loose that glow to the skin. Vanity helped greatly!
So I just stopped that day...it was hard for the first three days. I decided to get super fit too so instead of replacing the cigarettes with food, I replaced them with hiking and working out. I was determined to breathe clearly and easily and it happened very fast. I also lost a lot of weight.
I craved cigarettes, naturally...still do sometimes. I even have nightmares that I started again! But I have not had even one puff in ten years.Now I find them to be horrific. I wouldn't even date someone who smoked. I think that for me, they were a way of life...I had been in this messed up club but now that I was out, I would never go back!
I found cold turkey to be the best method for me. There was no procrastination and no excuses. I was my own boss....it was rather empowering. I never had another puff, as I was an addict and know that I might go back on them again! So the only answer was to avoid them completely.It worked! I know what it is like....it can be very painful to try and quit but it is SOOO worth it!
Good luck! I feel for you!

February 14, 2009 - 2:11pm


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