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I've smoked for about 8-9 years in total. And from that 7 yrs in a row as a heavy smoker. I'm 25 now. Yes, I am. The first cigarette I tried was when I was 6. My aunt used to smoke so I took one to try.
And after that when I turned 11 I started smoking one or two a day.
When I turned 14 a pack and then at the age of 17 I was between 2 and 3 packs a day.
No lies guys.
I swore I'll quit and and also making promises but nothing.
I don't know how I quit but that was just cold turkey.
I'm 4 yrs smoke free. No urges, not a single desire to go have one.

The way I quit is kinda weird because I quit since I came to Canada in 2010. I stayed at home and just exercising and also walking around the neighborhood.
I guess I felt kind of sick of it in the end.
I smoked so much that sometimes I was disgusted by the taste but still I kept smoking.

So to all of the people who are trying to quit smoking I say
Just do it. No promises. Just do it.
Think about the future.
Many people like me felt peace in smoking because of the stress or other things. But now that I think of that time I am happy that I quit.
Oh by the way, I have more wrinkles in my face than my mother does.
Think about it.

I thought of it and I'm taking care of myself now

Good luck to all of you guys.

August 29, 2014 - 8:19am


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