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The names Mike Bainter from central valley, I have been smoking since I was 15, and now I'm going on 27 I decided to conquer this addiction 2 days ago it has been hard just like all the other addictions I have conquered. Meth was almost as hard as quitting Marlboro Menthols, for me cigarettes were a gateway drug once I hit High school. Before that I was an all around athlete always winning gold medals in track, wrestling, basketball, and baseball. But after I started smoking I lost motivation to play sports past freshman year I was pretty popular too. Then I smoked weed socially and Meth killed my life, I went to juve, boot camp, county, then prison at 18. After I parolled I Hung out with the same friends and fell back into Meth until I met my Sons mother she got me away from Meth for 5 years but then she introduced me to ecstasy and in fresno everyone does E but she cheated on me and I left her and the house and the pool and the BMW and my son. So I left with the clothes on my back and the clothes in the back of my tahoe broke but iI was an Inventory Control Specialist so I would work in fresno and drive to Lemoore but the economy crashed and so did my life I lost my job and was introduced to unemployment for two years. So I said f it I'm going to party but needed friends to hang out with and I called my old friends and fell into Meth again but I met my love at a night club we fell in love went to Hawaii and all one the place she got hundreds of thousands of dollars from her deceased navy father but once she met me I helped her spend almost 500,000 dollars in three years. I would push her around and treat her horribly and I was always on Meth but she didn't know until she caught me in the bathroom 2 years ago but she let me keep on doing it even though I treated her bad while I was on it. It wasn't until one night when she told me she said, "baby I have always been here for you because I love you, I take care of you when your sick, I feed you when your Hungry and I always love you no matter what. What does this drug and your friends do for you?" After she said that my life flashed before my eyes and decided this is the worst and best drug I ever had it crushed my life but It brought me my son and my love Lucy who changed my life forever. I can proudly say I'm 26 I have a good job, I'm earning my Business Degree, I'm training to fight MMA again, I have my best friend back who also over came all addictions, I have been clean 4years from shrooms, ecstasy, and cocaine, 2years from bud, 1year from Meth, and 2 days from cigarettes which is the longest I've ever been content without it and I'm going strong. I just hope its not too late to be in my sons life.

April 18, 2012 - 2:51pm


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