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Your lung will never return to be normal. The Doctor's words are true. Even if your body tries to cure your lungs your lungs will not return to 100% healthy. Smoking can also cause you to hae short breath so you can't run as a normal person your age should run. You can get addictited to it that if you don't have one, you will go crazy or even pick up one used cigerette that is thrown on the floor and smoke it. Smoking is bad for you, you'll regret it later if you don't quit or even try to quit. Don't start smoking. It can effect your jobs, friends, family, and ect. as you can say, it can effect your life, or people's lifes who inhale your cigarette smoke. It can cause them all these damages to the body as a smoker can have. Some have there first cigerette and they feel dizzy because their boby has not been exposed to cigarettes. When people have their first cigerette, they either stop at that point, or start smoking. When they continue to smoke, their body gets more exposed to it that they will be asking more and making you feel crazy that you should have one. Smoking can also cause lung damage. It can cause lungs damage to. A lung is healthy when it has a redish color. When smoking, parts of the lung becomes a black color. They are the parts where you breath and inhale. A thick yellow liquid will cover little by little of the part where your oxgen goes throw, making you breath harder and faster. Cancer can be the cause for people dying but if you don't have cancer, you can have other problems. You should listen to past smokers and they well tell you they regreted that they ever started smoking. Usually, if you start smoking late, as 18 and up, you have a better chance of quiting than the early smokers, 17 and below. Nicotine can cause you to be addicted to it. Some people smoke because they think its cool and some smoke because of peer presure. Some smoke because they have a group of friend who smoke and want to be their "true friend", remember and person who tells you to smoke or do bad things that can affect others or your life is not you friend. Death from smoking is about twice more than car acidents. Say "NO" to drugs!

April 15, 2012 - 6:20am


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