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I Don't know if this will help anyone or not, but it really has helped me.
Since smoking is 2 things (habit and addiction). You have to stop both. Breaking the habit before attempting to quit may be a good idea. For me and many others, smoking was very ritualistic. So changing how we smoke and changing up the routine making it not so easy, may help. If you smoke indoors, start going outside. If you smoke as soon as you awake, try waiting as long as you can before smoking. If you smoke after meals try to wait. Also, change to a brand you do not like. Making smoking less enjoyable will make what you are giving up not seem so huge. Try to de-smoke your house. This way you are not around the smell of smoke all the time. And coming back inside from smoking you will be in more of a smoke-free place. Also, using the nico-stop filters or some similar type will help cut out some of the tar and nico. out of the cigarettes, so when your big day comes to finally quit it may be a little easier.
In the event you can not quit. Please do some research online and look up FSC(fire safe cigarettes). This is terrible. As if smoking is not bad enough but putting this into cigarettes makes breathing way worse. And is causing even more health problems and even deaths. My mom refuses to stop smoking. And you can not make someone quit they have to want to. But after the FSC was added her breathing went from bad to so bad she was on oxygen all the time. I encouraged her to stop smoking but as you probably guessed she wouldn't. I did lots of research into this FSC and found out it is a wide spread problem. I ask my Mom to at least try something with out plastic if she HAD to keep smoking. So she agreed to try home-made cigarettes that do not have the FSC .(The kind you use tobacco and an injector) She went from being on oxygen almost all the time to hardly needing it at all. Only on very humid or stressful days. She is still smoking the same amount. While I hope she does decide to quit. I am glad she can breathe better.
SO please, look into the FSC. Even if you don't smoke now people really need to know about this!
I hope this helps someone.

April 14, 2012 - 1:34pm


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