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Hi Loca, I'm an epileptic myself. I occasionally have grandmals, and I'm aware that it is scary and freak you right out if you see it happen in front of you.
If it happens, take a deep breath and try calming yourself down first.
Then, look for some towels or jackets...anything soft, place it under his head and lay him down. Make sure you don't put anything in his mouth! (absolutely not your fingers)
Wait for 3 minutes, and if he doesn't wake up call the ambulance. Waiting limit is around 5 minutes.
There are warning signs like twitching of eyes and mouth, jumps, blank gazes...which something you may notice.
There are also things we notice - like migraines, fuzziness, drawsiness, etc.
I personally do Yoga exercises and it seems to reduce the severity of my seizures.
I don't know much about ketogenic diet, but any balanced diet is ok. Avoid fatty food...I normally use soymilk + flour to cook cream soup (maybe add a bit of coconut milk when I want to indulge myself).

April 26, 2010 - 10:18pm


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