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I have had implants added, but the position of the breasts is still to low for me. This was the problem from the beginning and my surgeon was not very open to changing the position. I also feel much too large now. I sought a second opinion and will probably go with this surgeon. He gave me many more options and seemed to understand that when it isn't right it brings back all the trauma of the experience over and over everytime you look in the mirror. My husband is afraid that he is just a good salesman, but I felt he understood me and my expectations. He was more precise, communicated more, with more details. I am a nurse, so I feel the need for more technical details. My husband doesn't want me to endure any more surgery, but I feel the need to have closure. It will only be a 3 hour surgery, changing out the size and shape of the implants and sizing me down to a C cup. I am nervous as well, this is a new surgeon. Will I like the results, how can I trust now that I have been dissappointed deeply twice before? I don't feel comfortable the way I am now at a 35DD and I'm 5'4". So I am moving forward and going to go through with this third and final surgery. Thank you all for your support. What do you think of this move?

August 29, 2009 - 7:20am


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