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I started NuvaRing July 17th and followed the insert for 3 weeks remove for a week. I did this correctly for July and August. I started NuvaRing midcycle in July ( last day of my cycle was July 3rd and I inserted NuvaRing July 17th). August cycle gave me a scare since I didn't start till off the Ring for 4 days. ( I figured it was because I started NuvaRing midcycle)(my cycles are noramlly by the book and can count the days till I start, every 28 days 5 days on.). I inserted a new Ring on August 14th as advised to follow the 3 on 1 off week rule. In September I forgot to remove Nuvaring on Wednesday September 4th and removed it on September 7th. I started the following day and reinstered NuvaRing on September 11th like I was orginally suppose to. On September 17th my boyfrined and I decided to TTC and I removed NuvaRing that day and we had unprotected sex twice that day. On September 20th I started my cycle all over (having 2 cycles in the month of Septmber (this cycle was brutal and very uncomfortable and I normally have very mild cycles)) Now when I use the restroom I notice my discharge is lightly tinted pink as if I were to start again... Is my body just trying to readjust or is there something more I should be worried about? The last 3 morning I've woken up with mild headaches and feeling nauseated. my nipples are tender but not my entire breat (which isn't un-normal since I started NuvaRing).

October 10, 2013 - 6:13am


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