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Hi There

I wonder if you could help me, so I started my period on the 18th of July 2012 (correct time) but lasted 2 days then it dissapeared, the next day only that afternoon it returned (20 July) Then Saturday 21 July it was completely over. I am normally on for about 6 days my period has never dissapeard and returned. I normally have cramping the very first day and then its over. but ever since my period stopped ive been having cramping very light cramping in my lower abdomen and my lower back. (the lower back cramps have never happened to me either) I called my Gynie and he recommended i do a pregnancy a test. I did one the Tuesday night at round about 21:00 pm (24 July 2012). It developed a VERY VERY VERY fient second line so i thought nah this is a no.

I have been suffering with heartburn (which i rarely get) and feel really really hungry but when i eat i cant eat alot cause i start to feel sick! After eating breakfast about an hour later now i have heartburn again! Im having discharge but its not like always, its thick..sometimes a a mixture of wet and thick and its not the white colour it normally is, its slightly brown...

I do not have sore boobs or increase in smell or anything like that, i only have CRAZY heartburn sometimes and feel a little oozie (not every second of every day) just every now and then, comes and goes! Im thinking of doing another test, but i just have this doubt in my mind! how could i be pregnant if i had my period? But where is the cramping, and the ooziness and the heartburn coming from! is my mind playing tricks on me????????

P.S (My hubby and I are trying!) So PRAYING FOR A YES!!!!!!

July 27, 2012 - 1:57am


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