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Alright so I gander you have probably heard it all. I am recently married (11/11/11) and I have a child already (7 yrs) and my hubby and I have sex on a weekly basis now that things have calmed down from the excitement of newlyweds. So, now my question. I have never had a regular period a day in my life. I have always had to go on BC to regulate it. I haven't been on BC for about two years now; I do not know when I ovulate and have never really had any indicating factors occur except 'mucus' every couple of weeks here and there due to irregularity. The last three months I have been pretty regular almost to the day.

So, down to my question. Had my period on the 1st of July. We had intercourse on the 13th of July (half the time protected, put condom on before ejaculation*); lately (19th) I have been experiencing some severe tenderness in my abdominal area (i.e. the uterus area). I bend in the wrong way, I feel pain; I push gently in the area, I feel pain; Now, this isn't my first pregnancy but the indicator with my FP was morning sickness (badly); and right now, I only have (1) sore breasts (here and there) with a noticeable enlargement of the breast tissue; (2) slight nausea; (3) exhaustion (but my sleeping habits changed recently and I'm up at 4:30am with my hubby); (4) the tenderness in my uterine area.

Question: Could this be pregnancy? a reproductive issue (i.e. cancer)? or could it possibly be ovulation symptoms?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm really concerned of the alternative. I want a baby so I'm hoping for the first question, but any concern would be obvious.

*Note: My hubby isn't really interested in having a baby as he claims to be too old (35 yrs), but only protects himself with a condom right before he ejaculates. Yes, i am aware that pre-ejaculation can still get me pregnant.

July 19, 2012 - 12:40pm


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