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Thank you for your question. You have come to the right place to help find an answer.

I found some information for you from a yahoo's website that offered some advise to someone that was asking about the same question. They offered this advise.

Step 1: Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day: The first step to begin eliminating black portions of body & stretch marks is to work from the inside out. Drinking a sufficient amount of water is critical, because it ensures your body and tissues are properly hydrated. It also removes toxins from your body.

Step 2: Consume a Healthy Diet: By eating foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as fish, and protein and citrus rich foods like fruits, nuts and vegetables, your skin will become tighter, softer, and healthier everyday.

Step 3: Keep your skin moisturized with vitamins and essential oils. Although, there are several lotions and creams on the market, such Palmer’s and Strivectin, I would avoid these. They contain primarily artificial ingredients, alcohol, and a little bit of Cocoa Butter or Emu Oil. This is simply not enough to prevent or remove black portions & stretch marks. You need several natural oils, butters, scar-heaing ingredients, and essential oils to attack these marks.

Did you have children?

Did you gain weight and lose the weight?

I hope this bit helps but would like more information to try and find a better solution.

December 20, 2008 - 3:45pm


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