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i read the comments and noticed one thing. Everyone ignored the point 'slightly raised white and black lines' is this something that is not common? Because i have the same problem :( if by raised she mea
ns slightly raised from the surface of the rest of the skin.

I read linda's comment and i guess she is right that it is the way god created us, but the point is that i did not have these problems when i was a child. And secondly, apart from showing off our bodies, we want our body to look good for our own sake,to feel good. I dont wear revealing cloths but i still understand how big such problems can be for you. Besides, it is good to take care of yourself :) but dont worry think of those lines and blackness as if they are disappearing slowly over time, leaving back a flawless beautiful skin and you'll see after some time they'll be gone :)

January 14, 2012 - 2:05pm


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