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I'm with you -- I want the wars resolved, and I want health care in this country fixed.

I understand your father's point about Social Security, but there isn't a voter mandate right now to change anything about it; in fact, it's exactly the opposite. Politicians know that whoever brings up Social Security reform will be shown the door on the very next election day.

It does feel like health care has a mandate from the populace right now. There are too many uninsured people; the costs of health care for everyone are too high; and companies, feeling the nation's economic woes, are cutting back on benefits. It feels like this is a watershed time regarding health care -- something will happen, it just remains to be seen what it is.

I think we'll definitely see something in the next four years. But it has so much to do with what party the president is from and what the makeup of the Senate and House of Representatives are that I wonder what it'll look like when it happens.

November 3, 2008 - 10:40am


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