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I have my heart set on health care and health insurance changing. Both parties mentioned this as one of their top five priorities (or top ten!?), but my father-in-law is skeptical; he does not think any improvements will be made for decades. For an example, he said, "look at social security!" His comment made me realize that he may be right, as many factors will need to be addressed, then discussed, then approved...how long will that take? Plus, I can't imagine the "fixing" of the economy or health insurance or energy crisis or the war--or any of the other problems--in a vacuum, meaning, all of these impact each other and have a reciprocal relationship. Can all of these things be "fixed" in one term?!

Do you think this president, within the next 4 years, will be able to make any real changes?

November 2, 2008 - 3:03pm


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