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Either emphasize your eyes, or your lips, but never both or you'll look something like the fading screen siren of Sunset Boulevard.

There are reds, then there are reds. Some are "bluer" than others, while others are more "orange." Your lip color not only depends upon your natural lip color, but whether your skin tone is warm (yellow undertones) or cool (blue undertones). So, you can wear that bright red - IF you choose the right shade, warm or cool.

How can you tell if you're warm or cool? One way is by colors you wear that are most flattering to you. For example, although I have olive skin and lots of warm, red tones in my hair, royal colors (blue, purple, emerald green) and blue-ish red look best on me, so I'm "cool." Earth tones typically make me look washed out. What colors do you wear that people compliment you on?

Younger women can carry off bright, glossy colors, while more mature women risk looking clownish and need to keep things toned down with matte colors. Fortunately, there are plenty of "natural" tones in lip colors and glosses to choose from for age appropriate looks.

About the unblended lined lip - yikes! However, there is a way to line the lip and avoid that line. Cover the entire lip with the liner color, blending with a lip brush. Then apply a matte lip color that closely matches, again blending with the brush. The lip liner will help keep the lip color from "bleeding," or looking ragged, as well as hold the lip color longer. Blotting both with translucent powder through a layer of facial tissue will also help maintain the lip color longer. This will not work with lip gloss, however, as gloss is too slick.

Hope this helps.

October 27, 2008 - 4:47pm


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