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Your story sounds familiar...I have been going to the eye doctor regularly (every-other year) to update my prescription, as well as have me eyes checked for diseases. Now that we've moved, I'm more concerned about finding a dentist than an eye doctor (this actually wasn't even on my rador, to be honest!). When we moved, I first found our son a pediatrician (started looking/interviewing even before we moved!). Then, I found an ob/gyn, so I didn't run out of birth control pills. I'd like to find a dentist, as I have some teeth/gum issues (nothing too bad; just want to keep on top of it). So, when it comes to the eye doctor, as you said, if everything is working fine, my prescription is still OK...there isn't much motivation to go. Plus, since we are self-insured, these "specialty" doctors don't come cheap.

Thanks for the reminder...I'll add this to my list...

October 16, 2008 - 12:21pm


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