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Well my story is that I had mirena for about a year ago and first of all I have a tilted uterus and the pain was extreme to have it put in. They dont tell you how much it will hurt. Then i had continus spoting and bleeding for the first 3 months. What a joy that is. Not. Then torward the on year mark I started having low blood pressure. This continured on for a few months. I had went to the doctor had a bunch of blood work done and everytime it all came back fine. He kept telling me to just increase my salt intake and water. Well I did and nothing still. So i started to think about what could be different about me and it was the mirena. I'm 33 and always been pretty healthy. Then to top it off i started feelling like i was mentally going carzy. Like i needed to go to amental hospital. No joke my husband was so worried. I was hearing stuff and just an emotional wreck. The doctor told me it wasnt my mirena and that i should just take other pills to counter act what was happening. Bull crap!!! After arguing with the gyno I finally got it taken out right there. Within that week my bp was normal agian and the mind at peace.

April 3, 2012 - 6:46am


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