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I had my Mirena for 19 months and it was a nightmare. Getting it in place was not that painful but as soon as I got it I started feeling dizzy at times, frequent headaches,insomnia, joint pain and bled on and off for 8 weeks. After a couple of months it all went away and I thought ,"finally my body is getting use to it" NOT!!!! That's when I started to feel tired and cranky, developed cystic acne, gained 21 pounds incredibly fast and had abdominal pain frequently. THINGS I HAVE NEVER HAD BEFORE!!!! After a year of having the Mirena I finally started to loose most the weight and the acne was gone. That was when I started feeling pain during ovulation, the abdominal pains were more frequent, my libido was down and I started to loose my hair very quickly. I have always had a lot of hair and I have never seen my hair fall in such quantities!!!! Since August I have lost more than 25% of my hair!!! I started to see my scalp and that was really scary. I had my MIRENA REMOVED On Nov 18th. I am now using special products and vitamins to help my hair grow back! I am noticing that it is falling a lot less. It took me a while to realised that all this changes in my body were because of the Mirena. I WILL NEVER USE SOMETHING LIKE THIS AGAIN!!! It might work for some but for others it is too risky!! They should informed us better so we can make better choices. For me Mirena was the worst decision ever! I felt much better the same day I got it OUT!!!

November 25, 2011 - 10:07pm


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