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I was diagnosed with stage iv anal cancer with it spreading to my lymph nodes my bf of 5 years that I lived with- slowly started pulling away. This is a painful cancer but there is hope I will make it. Through treatment chemo/radiation I couldn't have sex during radiation it burned all my girl parts/ sent me in to early forced menopause. Since we are both in our 30s it seems overwhelming. He stopped the loving and started rejecting me. Even when I tried to be sexual in any way I could he would tell me no.

Basically : I found out he was cheating on me with multiple women. He had locked his phone and was being unsupportive. I was able to look one day by figuring out the code. I found multiple women and he was disrespecting me to his friends saying how needy I was and discussing other women. He's a very good looking model and trainer to the wealthy. He was sending all sorts of pics and videos to women while I was at the doctors. I didn't loss my hair is just thinned and I tried to keep making an effort to take care of myself but he'd complain I only wore swear pants - not sexy stuff. No matter how hard I tried- he kept slowly checking out of our relationship. Even getting plastic surgery while I was in treatment. I started not feeling like I even knew who this man is that I loved.
This is a man who said he wanted to marry me, stay with me forever and the first several years we were together he went through a lot and I stood by him with loving support. I had even stopped working to build his company for him and got him doing well. I ran his social media, business and booked all his work. I put all my money into starting another fitness company with him. After all he talked as if we would grow old together.

When I confronted him- he yelled at me saying it was my fault. He moved out left me in his apartment- saying he'd move out let me stay for a few weeks- then I'm on my own. Mind you I am not employed because he was who I was working for, I am still waiting to see if I need more chemo etc. to see my future. I went bankrupt and am fighting for my life.

How did I love someone who would do this. Within an hour of dumping me- he left and on an email I had handling his social media- I saw several emails where he emailed girls to go out. Devastating.

I'm am an orphan I have no family. I live in Hollywood where friendships are surface and fleeting. So this man I loved was suppose to marry, just dis guarded me when things go tough. He cheated for months. Now I have to try to beat cancer knowing I have nowhere to go, no job, and was betrayed by the love I thought would last forever. I'm not sure what to do.

I have dreams everynight of him betraying me. I want to live but am so heartbroken. I heard he's dating 5 women and going out everynight. Wow. He has not checked on me or my health since he left me 2 weeks ago and the cable and other things have been shut off by him this week.

What do I do? - broken

February 17, 2015 - 9:34am


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