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I'd been with my current wife for 12 years but only got married 4 years ago. We where soul mates, we had the same thoughts at the same time it was quite bizarre sometime's. We shared the same passions and belief's, I thought we'd be together for ever. In July 2013 I was diagnosed with carcenoid syndrome which had spread from my small intestine into my liver etc. A very scary time in my/our live's. |There is no cure just injections to ease symptoms and scans. I decided to take early retirement and we down sized on the house front so every thing would be more manageable for us both and for my wife as and when I die. My wife is quite a tough cookie and didn't really want to talk much about things. I began to feel that any warmth from her towards me seemed to be ebbing away. Anyway in November while away with my brother I got that feeling that things were not right. I asked many times but was made to feel paranoid, In the end I checked her phone for Facebook messages and there it was, plain to see she was carrying on with someone from work. To say I was and still am devastated would be an under statement. She left as I couldn't cope with what she had done. She'd been having an affair for nearly a year !!!!
I'm now seeking a divorce asap ! I'm gutted !!

January 16, 2015 - 5:15am


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