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My mother is dying of a terminal illness (stage IV metastatic breast cancer). It has traveled to her brain & spine. In 2009 she found out it traveled to her brain and has been bedridden ever since. This past mother’s day I found out my step-dad has been cheating on my mother with a younger girl; she’s actually 5 years younger than me. He met this girl through the joint used car sales business they own together. A source of mine said she gloats to people acknowledging she exchanges sex for her monthly car payments. This is the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with besides taking care of my Alzheimer’s diseased grandmother at 12. After hearing from several witnesses confirming her husband’s infidelity and I have even confronted him about these allegations; he was too much of a coward to admit his adultery. Meanwhile my mother is unaware of any of this. I believe its best she doesn’t know. It will only make matters worse and her die quicker.
I just recently flew home to put her on hospice and take care of her funeral arrangements. The entire visit I felt uneasy around him and nervous for my safety. I don’t have it in my heart to put his name next to her on the tombstone. I’m beside myself by his actions. I cannot fathom why he couldn’t have waited.
My sister is 16 years old and she has to go to school with people telling her that her dad was with another woman repeatedly. My mother’s inheritance gave him everything he has today yet, blatantly he has continues to disrespected her. I am happy my mother will die still with her dignity intact however; my heart is broken for her as I look her in the eyes knowing this betrayal.
There much more but, I just felt like sharing.

August 16, 2013 - 8:14am


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