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For women to choose whether they will consent to removal of their ovaries they need to be informed about the functions of the ovaries and the consequences of their removal.

It is the responsibility of the doctor to inform women that their ovaries are their gonads, and that the medically correct word for removal of the ovaries is female castration.

There are two primary concerns about this discussion of whether the ovaries should be removed. First, the ovaries produce all of the hormones a woman needs all of her life. The ovaries produce a variety of hormones including several types of estrogens, progesterone and androgens, which are released into the general circulation in precise and constantly varying amounts in order to maintain the balance called normalcy. Neither pharmaceutical hormones nor medical/surgical procedures can replicate this normal balance of hormone production, circulation and continual spontaneous adjustment to the body''s needs.

Second, and equally important, it is of concern that because the focus of this is whether the ovaries should remain intact or be removed that women and men may feel that as long as the ovaries are not removed that removing the uterus is inconsequential.

The uterus is a hormone-responsive reproductive sex organ that provides support to the bladder and the bowel. When a hysterectomy is performed the vagina is shortened and made into a closed pocket. Women who experience uterine orgasm (most women are unaware that it is contractions of the uterus that they feel during intense, pulsating orgasm) cannot experience it ever again when the uterus is removed.

Every woman and man, needs to be fully informed about the functions of the female organs. The HERS Foundation''s website has a short educational video "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs" that should be seen by every woman before she is told to sign a form consenting to a hysterectomy and/or castration.

July 21, 2008 - 4:42pm


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