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we hear so many good and bad stories about taking them out or not what is a women ment to do ???? i have had so many problems over the years and know it deside for a hysterectomy which i am happy about but when you read all these story it scares me a lttle. then go away and think about it all and think of all the stuff i have tryed over the years and nothing has helped. so how much do i need to try? yes the blooding will stop and taking the ovaries will help me with the hormone side of thing. do i stay everymonth for 3 weeks at a time as depressed or get angry all the time tied all the time and ect so many problems i go through so doing sucuide is not the answer as we cannot handle all these problems and drive how self todo crazy things to our family or us. iam so lucky to have a great family to understand me or i would be by myself by know. i have gotten worse over the years special the last 2 years. mirena is not for me that not working and doing stuff to my body. sorry i have been like this it just makes it had to deside what to do .

April 9, 2010 - 6:28am


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