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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Crashing and Burning

By HERWriter
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I was emerging from a CFS crash.The old symptoms from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had weakened me, left me dizzy and shaken. But they were familiar, and I've learned how to manage them. I knew I could regain lost ground, become stronger and more steady.

I'd been making good headway. But then the crash was transformed into a more frightening configuration.

I've gotten used to numbness and tingling in my arms and face. I've learned to heed these symptoms as signals to retreat, rest and regenerate. But now I found myself in the middle of an electrical storm — zapped as though by lightning, while under my skin I crackled and sparked like a downed power line.

And this raging erratic current wasn't confined to my hands and face. It engulfed me in a blanket of electrical bursts. From the top of my head to the soles of my feet, I popped and sizzled.

Thoughts could not surface above this CFS storm, they broke and shattered before they emerged. My ears roared, the glands in my neck and under my ears thickened and throbbed. My legs weighed a thousand pounds, my heart pounded in my chest. I vibrated, and panted for air.

Where did this come from? How long would it last? And what could I do?

I don't know where it came from. I didn't know how long it would last.

What to do? First, go to bed. Second, contact my naturopath and tell her what was happening. As always, she had some ideas.

Here's how we're handling it. In addition to my usual measures, I'm increasing my protein and healthy fats. I'm upping my Vitamin D intake. To aid in detoxification, I'm drinking a mixture of homeopathic drops and water, and I'm soaking in epsom salt baths, for their detoxification benefits as well.

I'm resting in bed every day, napping or reading. I'm shutting down my computer for an hour or so every afternoon.

Two weeks later ... the CFS crash has lifted considerably. I am feeling a quieter terrain within. The electric shocks have subsided. Thoughts are more often able to flow to completion. Breathing and stamina are better once more. I do not shake with that inner tremor.

A healthy nervous system is one that you don't ... FEEL so much of the time. And I am happy to say, I am not feeling mine so much now.

I spent 15 years losing the battle against CFS. Two years ago, I found treatment that worked for me, and now I am making a comeback.



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EmpowHER Guest

I know about that electrical storm. Mine are not as bad and mostly in the legs and seems to occur more in cooler weather and at my lower energy levels. My naturopath and I have made some guesses as to what it may be or what may help. Maybe low adrenaline, low dopamine, endocrine disruptors like mercury, pernicious anemia-low vitamin B12. I'm a male, 15 year CFS survivor. Rarely had I been sick until I was hit with CFS just like lightning. I think it is so important to rest the body and mind a lot, even when or especially when we think we can get away without rest, especially when we have improved some, which is the most difficult thing to do when we are trying to live a life of some sort. Think about it. We are amazing. Few have what it takes to go through what we have to.

November 25, 2009 - 1:57pm

Thanks Diane.

It has been difficult, but I am lucky in that while I have been dealing with some intense symptoms recently, it hasn't ended my ability to write. That piece of healing seems to be good and solid.

And so I write and write and write, as much as I can. Because, I agree, some of this will help someone else going through something similar, and may help give them some reassurance, some information, some hope.

November 25, 2009 - 8:53am


I'm so sorry to hear about this frightening episode. I have experienced just a few of those symptoms before (though not all at once) and I can only imagine how completely unsettling they were.

It's very good to hear that you're doing better now, and that you and your naturopath are being successful in getting a handle on it. I hope the improvement continues. As always, thank you for writing when it must be a bit difficult. What you have experienced will no doubt help someone else in the same position.


November 25, 2009 - 8:45am
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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